Mr. & Mrs. Mills

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It was not my dream to have a beach wedding. I was going to have the grand ball room with wooden floors and all that jazz. However, my husband is a Marine so we ended up with 3 wedding dates. It no longer was about money because even if we had all the money in the world wedding dates are locked way in advance. After losing deposits and changing venues due to the new date not being available, my newest obstacle was finding a place that was picturesque and flexible. Hence the beach, it’s open 24 hours a day. When I had to tell my family they now would have to travel for a beach wedding, the excitement was in the air. Having a beach wedding started off as a necessity and it ended up being the wedding of my dreams. The fact that my all of guests were able to come and sit down without lifting a finger and everyone was also able to get up and go to the reception as you broke everything down was great. I went over every detail of the wedding in mind as most brides do. On my wedding day I didn’t have my copy of vows, but Sabrina did. You were calm and controlled – what every bride needs on her big day. Having our first dance on the beach – priceless…such a wonderful idea you had! As we danced, my new husband asked me how did I do all of this (he was away in boot camp). I just smiled and said it was no big deal, and truthfully that’s because it wasn’t a big deal for me – YOU handled it! Flowers check, cake check, decorations check, music check and everything else in between, check.