Jillian & Anthony Basileo

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Hey Sabrina and Scott, I just wanted to thank you guys for the incredible job you did on our special day. Jillian and I were engaged for over five years. There were several reasons for the delay, but the main struggle we had was figuring out exactly what we wanted. Soon after I proposed to Jill, we had come up with a list of over 100 potential guests, about a half a dozen places to hold our reception, and very little money. haha It got to a point where simply hearing the word “wedding” drove us into anxiety. A few buddies of mine over the years raved about their vacations at Myrtle Beach. We had never been there, but we were well overdue for a vacation. A few of my co-workers recommended a beach wedding. It wasn’t until the holiday season last year that I threw out the idea of a destination wedding at Myrtle Beach. Thankfully my bride-to-be was all for it! A quick Google search brought me to your website, and after reading several of the testimonials, and viewing all of the pictures and package options, I knew you were the people to turn to. Sabrina quickly responded to my dozens of emails about the ceremony. It was very relieving being able to easily communicate with someone hundreds of miles away about our special day, in a place we had never been to. Even with all of the pictures and thorough explanations of the package we had chosen, we weren’t quite sure exactly what to expect. I must say that everything surpassed our expectations. It was a very well constructed ceremony. I think just about everyone in attendance, including the bride and groom, were in tears with how beautiful it was.