Terms & Conditions

From our experience over the years, we have encountered every imaginable “glitch” that has caused stress on both the brides and grooms, on the Beach Occasions professionals, and our subcontractors. In order to help ensure that your wedding is as perfect as it can be, we ask that you take the time to read the following guidelines and procedures.


Wedding Ceremony Deposits: The initial $100 deposit to reserve your date and time will be credited toward your final total costs. The deposit is non-refundable. Should your plans change and the wedding is rescheduled, we will apply the deposit toward another date, if that new date is within the same calendar year of the original wedding date. If your wedding is booked within 30 days of the wedding date, full payment is required at time of booking and is non-refundable.


Reception Deposit: An additional deposit of at least $700 (some locations may require additional deposits in subsequent months) is required if a reception is reserved. The reception deposit MUST be collected in full before we can secure the reception venue and is due once we have confirmed availability at the reception venue.  This amount goes toward reserving your reception venue, cake, and DJ. All of these reception vendors are secured with the deposit at time of booking and are therefore non-refundable. As always, any deposit amounts paid go completely toward your balance. Deposit for reception venue – as well as all subsequent payments – will be paid directly to Beach Occasions as a regular invoice item.


Videography or DJ Services: A $100 deposit will be due at time of contract. This amount is non-refundable, but will be applied toward the final costs of videography or DJ Services. Deposit for video or DJ services – as well as all subsequent payments – will be paid directly to Beach Occasions as a regular invoice item.


Wedding Cakes: Unless a cake comes as part of the Wedding Package, we will refer any cake inquires directly to our baker.  Should you decide to utilize their services after speaking with them, all billing arrangements will be handled between you and the bakery.


BalanceThe balance due for your wedding, including outside services such as Videography, etc. is due 30 days prior to the wedding date.


Cancellation PolicyBecause we guarantee your date and time, and therefore must turn down other wedding parties, the following cancellation policies for payments above and beyond the deposit will apply:


  • Cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date: No refunds, but may be applied toward a future date within the same calendar year.


  • Cancelled 31-60 days priorNo refund of deposit, 50% refund of balance paid. Non refunded amount may be applied toward a future date within the same calendar year.


  • Cancelled 61+ days priorNo refund of deposit, balance refunded less 5% processing fee.

Inclement Weather/Acts of God: In the case where inclement weather (rain) prevents us from having an outdoor wedding, we will make every effort to assist you in procuring an indoor venue (possibly at the hotel where you are staying, or at the reception site), or to reschedule to another day or time. Fortunately, this rarely occurs, but we will work with you in every way possible to have a beautiful wedding, and to have great wedding photos.


Day of Wedding InformationWe will provide detailed directions to the wedding site if it is not at the hotel where you are staying, and we will touch base with you the day of the wedding. PLEASE be sure all of your guests and bridal party have the specific directions and time – do not rely on GPS directions, as we often use a specific beach access that allows ample parking on the beach. And, while it may seem that the distance is not far, please take into consideration that Myrtle Beach is a vacation spot and traffic can be difficult. Allow ample time for travel. Our experience has also found that it often takes much longer than anticipated for the bride and bridal party to prepare (hair, dressing, etc.), so again, allow extra time so that you do not keep your guests waiting on a sunny beach.


Penalties for LatenessWhile we do not want to dwell on negatives, we must insist that you be on time for your wedding. There are often times when we will have another wedding scheduled after yours, and although we try to allow ample time between, we cannot disappoint another bride because of lateness of the previous wedding. We have, unfortunately, been forced to establish a lateness policy:

CLICK HERE to view the Lateness Policy.


Wedding License:  Immediately upon arriving at the beach for your wedding, please hand the entire envelope (complete with 3 copies of the marriage license) given to you by the Probate Court to your officiant. The Officiant will complete one copy and return it to you, and then will process the other two copies through the Probate Court. You will have been given a form to fill out afterwards to send in to the Probate Court for a certified copy (required by most states to get your name officially changed). It is an optional form should you require/want a certified copy, but we urge you to send a money order instead of cash for such copies. You may want to check with your State to determine if they do require a certified copy in order for you to change your name after the completion of the ceremony.