Lateness Policy

While we do not want to dwell on negatives, we must insist that you be on time for your wedding. In order to be able to offer very affordable weddings to all of our bridal couples, there are often times when we will have another wedding scheduled after yours – sometimes several more in a single day, especially during the busy summer months. Although we try to allow ample time between weddings, we cannot disappoint another bride because of lateness of the previous wedding. We have, unfortunately, been forced to establish the following lateness policy:


Everyone (including Bride and Groom) should arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the wedding time. The Bride will be kept out of the Groom’s view, but that 20-30 minutes will allow the Photographer to take pictures before the wedding (should Photography be included in the package you purchased. Our “No-Frills” and “Fun & Flexible” Packages do not contain pre-wedding photography).


In general, should you arrive later than the scheduled start time of your wedding, your amount of pictures and time scheduled with your photographer will be reduced by the amount of time that you are late. If you arrive late and the wedding is delayed 30 minutes after the scheduled wedding time, there will be a $100 penalty, payable in cash before receipt of the photos. If the wedding is delayed 60 minutes or more, we cannot guarantee that the Officiant, Decoration Setting, Photographer or Videographer will be available.

If any of the persons necessary to perform your wedding cannot stay because it is beyond the 60-minute-late mark, your wedding may have to be rescheduled for a different day and/or time. If that were to be the case, there would be an additional charge of $300 to have your decorations brought back out and re-staged for you at a different time. We utilize many crew members to give you the best possible wedding experience and those crew members are only contracted for a limited amount of time at each wedding. Weddings that start late require us to pay our crew additional monies and often those very same crew members have been assigned out to other jobs that same day.


Should an emergency arise and you know that you will be significantly late for your wedding, we simply ask that you contact your wedding planner as soon as possible so that all parties are aware of the situation and alternate plans can be discussed if necessary.




  • 5-29 Minutes Late: Amount of time with your photographer is reduced.  If selected Package contains 30 minutes or less of pictures through Beach Occasions, $50 must be paid to your photographer so that you can get full amount of pictures due.


  • 30-59 Minutes Late: $100 Penalty, payable in cash before receipt of photos (If no photos in your Package, late fee would be due BEFORE start of ceremony).


  • 60+ Minutes Late: In addition to $100 Penalty, no guarantee that crew members will be available to perform wedding. If your crew agrees, as a courtesy, to stay beyond 1 hour late, an ADDITIONAL $100 (total of $200) will be payable before the wedding will start.  Rescheduling wedding for another AVAILABLE day/time will result in re-staging fee of $300.



Please understand that we truly appreciate and value the opportunity that every bridal couple gives Beach Occasions to host your dream beach wedding. It is very uncomfortable for us to even have to establish and enforce a lateness policy. With that said, it is important to us that we give every single bride and groom that we host the same service and that means that we need to stay on schedule throughout our very busy days.


Thank you in advance for understanding this very important policy and for partnering with us to ensure you have a wonderful wedding day, free of the stress of having to discuss any business as it relates to a late-starting wedding.