Individual Items

Large Bamboo Vase

Several of our Decoration Settings contain these impressive, large bamboo vases. They work really well to help accent the bamboo features of your decorations.


Place any colors and combinations of flowers you would like in the vases for maximum color and fullness.


If your specific Decoration Setting does not already have these vases included, be sure to ask your wedding consultant about adding them on to your setup.


Small Bamboo Vase

These small, but striking, bamboo vases are our most popular aiselway decoration.

Decoration Settings that contain these small bamboo vases have 4 vases on either side of the aisleway.

You can have any flower color combination that you wish put in the vases.


Bridal Sails

These elegant bridal sails make a beautiful and memorable addition to any aisleway on the sand.


We place 4 bridal sails on either side of the aisleway. They come in an all-white fabric and have white tulle extending from the top that blow nicely in the breeze.


Although commonly associated with our Arbor Decoration settings, these bridal sails would make any of our other setups look gorgeous for your pictures.


To add a little color to your aisleway, considering adding a white or bamboo vase with flowers add-on to these bridal sails.


Large Conch Shell

The beautiful, large conch shells can be added to any ceremony and placed directly in the sand to add a special, beachy touch to any decoration setting.


Ferns and Flowers

Let your creative side run free! Consider having these large Boston Fern bushes placed directly in the sand partnered with any of our vibrant color flower bushes for that dramatic effect. We would place 4 sets on either side of the aisleway.


Another nice effect is to have a fern or fern and flower placed directly in front of your bamboo arch poles or white arbor. This effect gives a little extra color to the pictures taken in front of your main Decoration Setting. These larger fern bushes are also used as good filler for our Large Bamboo vases.


Flower Girl Basket

Use this simple, yet elegant basket as a stand-alone accessory for your flower girl, or pair it with the matching ring-bearer pillow.

NOTE:  Should you decide to supply your own petals, they MUST be FRESH.  Silk rose petals are ILLEGAL to throw on the beach at any time and we would not be allowed to hold the wedding unless the silk petals were removed from consideration.


The Meaning and Importance of a Flower Girl:


Wedding ceremonies in the United States typically include flower girls. While flower girls are dressed in beautiful dresses and accessories and look very cute, there is more to the significance of the flower girl than appearance.


The flower girl historically directly precedes the bride in the wedding procession. Significantly, the flower girl is prepubescent, younger than 10. The innocence of childhood is embodied in the young flower girl. The flower girl’s youth contrasts with the bride’s passage from childhood to the duties and roles expected of a mature woman. Often, the attire of the flower girl closely matches the attire of the bride, intensifying the contrast between childhood and adulthood.


Ring Bearer Pillow

Use this beautiful ring-bearer pillow as a stand-alone accessory or pair it with the matching flower girl basket.


The Meaning and Importance of a Ring Bearer:


The ring bearer is the miniature groomsman of the wedding party. His duty is to bear the ring, though his significance is much more.

The rings symbolize the binding of two into one, thus responsibility of delivering the objects is quite symbolically important. Rings have been “born” to the alter of a wedding for centuries by various modes of transports and carriers.

But the ring bearer of modern weddings is the classic image of a young boy dressed like a man carrying a small pillow.


The ring bearer has one duty-–to enter the wedding procession with both wedding bands. The bearer usually enters after the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but always before the bride.

He can be accompanied by a flower girl, or walk in front of or behind her. When the ring bearer reaches the alter, he hands the rings off to the best man to guard for the remainder of the ceremony


Sand Ceremony

What is the Unity Sand Ceremony?

***Unity ceremonies have been a special part of wedding vows since time immemorial. Couples from cultures around the world have used the sand ceremony as a powerful way to symbolize their love and commitment to one another in marriage.


A celebration that is usually two to three minutes in length, it is a meaningful symbolic joining of two lives.


In this timeless ritual of marriage, the couple ceremoniously pours various colors of unity sand from sand vases into one special center vase, symbolizing their coming together as one.


It provides a way for couples during their wedding ceremony to brilliantly show the joining of the flow of their two lives into a single stream with their individually colored sands joining as one in the Unity Vase.


Plus, because it can be displayed privately or for all to see for years to come, the symbol of the couple’s love is always present, always a reminder, and always a touchstone of truth. As such, the Unity Sand Ceremony and the unity vase can be treasured forever.


The Meaning of the Wedding Sand Ceremony


The flowing sand and blending of the colors in the Sand Ceremony symbolize the bringing together of two lives into one. The two sands symbolize everything that the bride and groom have been or will become in the future.


The blending of the wedding sand represents the union not only of them but their friends and families as well. The separate colored sands once poured into the unity vase can never be put back into their separate vases. They are forever entwined just as the lives and love of the bride and groom.


Choose from our beautiful array of 23 distinct color choices of sand to use during your optional Sand Ceremony. Select the standard 2 color variation for the bride and groom OR Select multiple colors and include several family members to participate in your unity ceremony!


Whatever you decide, there are endless combination possibilities that you can use with the following colors:





Shepherd's Hook

Use this functional Shepherd’s Hook to line your aisleway.

Do have have an arts-and-crafts expert in the family?

Do you want to bring something personal to your beach wedding to be on display in your wedding photos?


Then maybe you should select shepherd’s hooks to be a part of your ceremony.


They can be used to create a standalone aisleway or added to any of our other beach decorations to create an even more elaborate and beautiful ceremony on the beach!!


Large Starfish

Use these large starfish to add to any decoration setting to give your ceremony a true, beach-wedding feel.


Use them all by themselves, or combine them with small starfish or conch shells for a beautiful and diverse look for your wedding photos.


Small Starfish

Use your creative imagination to dream up a truly unique way to use these authentic, smaller-sized starfish to enhance your beach decorations.


Mini Tiki Torch

These adorable shorter tikis make for a wonderful aisleway addition and can be found in our more cost-effective Decoration Setting options.


Be as creative as you would like and think up different ways you would like to have these displayed in your personalized setup.


(Please note that open flames are prohibited on the beaches here and therefore we cannot light these torches. We have decorated them with pretty white flowers so that they will blend in with any other decoration you might choose).


Tall Tiki Torch

These tall, decorated tiki torches are one of our most popular aisleway decoration additions.


You will find many of our Decoration Settings have these tall tikis already included in the set-up.


We place 4 tikis on either side of the aisleway (some existing packages may have 6 included).


If you are going for that truly tropical look to your decoration setup, then these tall tikis are a must!


(Please note: Open flames of any kind are prohibited on the beach here. So although we cannot light these torches, they make for a wonderful effect for your walkway).



Perhaps you wouldn’t think of a traditional garden trellis as a decoration for a wedding on the beach, but we have found they add unique opportunities to create a different and beautiful approach to beach decorating.


They look great alongside our Traditional Arbor Setting and you can get as creative as you would like and put colored sashes on them to really bring out your theme colors.


Even a simple Fern and Flower option placed directly in front of the trellis has a striking effect for your pictures.


Although only one of our current Decoration Settings has a trellis as an option, you can certainly add this unique feature to any setup.


White Chair

Close up of our standard white chair.


Constructed with sturdy plastic resin and a padded seat.


Chairs already come in many of our decoration settings, but you may always add on additional chairs at our posted a-la-carte price.  For an even more elegant look, consider covering the chairs with our beautiful white chair covers complete with gorgeous sashes available in many different vibrant colors.


White Vase

These white vases offer a more traditional look for your aisleway that are more typically seen in our “Traditional Arbor” Decoration Settings.


We place 4 vases on either side of the aisleway.


Although you can add the white vases to any setup you would like, you will more commonly see these white vases in the Arbor set-ups.


You can have any color combination of flowers that you wish to help accent your theme colors.


Wind Catcher

Create your bridal walkway with these tall windcatchers complete with white tulle flowing freely from the top.


This set is perfect if you are trying to create an authentic bamboo, beachy feel with your decorations.


These windcatchers are quite versatile as well. We can remove the tulle and use the tall poles as vases and place greenery in them to really make your pictures pop.


We place 4 windcatchers on either side of the aisleway.


If the Decoration Setting that you like best does not already have windcatchers included, just ask your wedding consultant to add them or substitute for another decoration.